Imprisoned: The Travails of a Trafficked victim: A personal story of human trafficking and domestic violence in the United States. 

In this book, you will learn how culture played key role in keeping Bukola Oriola down as a victim of human trafficking and domestic violence for two years. She also described her journey to freedom and the kinds of help available to victims.

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In this Book You Will Discover how to...

  • Identify the elements of human trafficking

    Learn how Bukola became a victim of human trafficking as a result of fraud, force, or coercion. You will also learn about familial trafficking through the intersection of domestic violence and human trafficking.

  • See the cultural barriers

    This book will open your eyes to the cultural barriers that prevented Bukola from seeking help and how you or someone you know can scale this barrier to get help.

  • Connect to available services

    Bukola explained all the steps that will help a victim become free again by connecting to services. She described her challenges and how she was able to get help with the array of services available, from a battered women’s shelter to immigration relief.

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There is a lot of cultural practices and traditions in this book and it is a great way to engage in a discussion on how to identify such in your community. You may want to focus on awareness, health, social services, or law enforcement. Bukola reveals how all these elements played out in the book. I will suggest this book to service providers, staff and volunteers in battered women's shelter, transitional housing, apartment leasing office staffs, realtors, family court and immigration attorneys, book clubs, hobby clubs such as knitting groups, biking groups, community groups, teenagers, college students and professors for discussion on violence prevention.

Rita Apaloo
Rita Apaloo Planned Parenthood
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